Black Friday Hosting Deals – 2016

Black Friday is near and everyone has started to give out their best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Here we have the best Black Friday hosting deals that you can use to get your website online, yes it has never been this amazing.

Black Friday:

HostGator has a wonderful deal on new hosting plans that is.

Coupon Code: BF2016

Offer: 65% off on all new hosting plus & $5.59 on select domains

Sale starts: Friday, November 25th at 12am CST

Sale ends: Friday, November 25th at 11:59pm CST

Cyber weekend:

Coupon Code: CW2016

Offer: 65% off on all new hosting plus & $5.59 on select domains

Sale starts: Saturday, November 26th at 12am CST

Sale ends: Sunday, November 26th at 11:59pm CST

Cyber Monday:

Coupon Code: CM2016

Offer: 65% off on all new hosting plus & $5.59 on select domains

Sale starts: Monday, November 28th at 12am CST

Sale ends: Monday, November 26th at 11:59pm CST

Cyber Tuesday:

Coupon Code: TUE2016

Offer: 65% off on all new hosting plus & $5.59 on select domains

Sale starts: Tuesday, November 29th at 12am CST

Sale ends: Tuesday, November 29th at 11:59pm CST

Stay logged in to know the upcoming deals this complete week including cyber Monday deals.

Expired Coupons:

1. Hosting:

Coupon code: PENNY
Offer: 1¢ For Your First Month of Hosting
Status: Unavailable

2. Web Hosting:

Offer: Up to 60% off on web hosting
Status: Unavailable

3. Cloud Hosting:

Coupon code: SNAPPYC579
Offer: up to 44% off on cloud hosting
Status: Unavailable

4. WordPress Hosting:

Coupon code: SNAPPYW579
Offer: up to 56% off on wordpress hosting
Status: Unavailable

5. VPS Hosting:

Coupon code: SNAPPYV2
Offer: up to 75% off on VPS Hosting
Status: Unavailable

6. Dedicated server:

Coupon code: SNAPPYD2
Offer: up to 65% off on dedicated server
Status: Unavailable

7. Reseller Hosting:

Coupon code: SNAPPYR192424
Offer: up to 68% off on Reseller hosting
Status: Unavailable

8. Domains:

Offer: 20% off on Domains
Status: Unavailable

9. Web and Reseller hosting:

Coupon name : spring20
Offer: 20% offer on entire order
Status : Inactive

10. Hatchling and Baby plans:

Coupon name : penny
Offer : get Baby and hatchling plans at just 1 cnet
Status : Inactive

11. Hatchling and Baby plans:

Coupon name : newcustomer1cent
Offer : new customers can get first month hatchling and baby plans for just 1cent
Status : Inactive

12. Domains:

Coupon name : dotcustomerdeal
Offer : get 20% off on top level domain extensions like .com, .org, .net
Status : Inactive

Which Hosting Plan Should you Take?

Are you beginner looking to host your website this black Friday? Of course Black Friday deals provide best in class deals for web hosting. But do you know which plan to choose for your business? I’m Rajendra Prasad director of Mensagam Technologies, an entrepreneur and blogger who owns more than 50+ sites and is managing 400+ sites for their clients. I’m here to provide you with suggestions on which plan you need to choose and why? I can guide you through the mistakes you could make. So keep an eye and follow, so that you can avoid those silly mistakes.

Insight of Mensagam Technologies:

Mensagam Technologies is an information technology company, who have been ranked at top 5 web hosting company in india by siliconIndia. They have hosted more than 400 websites. Overall I had experience in handling more than 10000 domains. I’m going to share my knowledge on web hosting with you in the sections below.

Web Hosting:

It is a shared web hosting space, where 100s or 1000s of domains are hosted on single server. In this web hosting each domain will utilize the complete server configurations (such a ram, storage, bandwidth, SQL-server, in-node, speed & many others) equally.

Hope you understand the scenario of web hosting, yes multiple domains will be hosted on single server, where each domain will take shared partitions called shared web hosting.

Cost of web hosting will be very less, when compare with any other hosting space in the internet. We can call this “Budget Hosting Plan” for you, if you are looking at cheap price hosting to check it out.

Web hosting plans are suitable for new beginners – who ever building your website first time with few pages, early stage startup companies, new entrepreneurs & if anyone planning to launch a small website at low cost, This is a perfect match for you.  Let’s buy your web hosting.

Few of Web Hosting packages you can choose:

Basic Plan HostgatorBluehost
Website space Unmetered50GB
Included domains11
Email accounts -5
Email storageUnmetered100MB/account
Price $3.95/mo*$3.95/mo*

Reseller Hosting:

The name itself says that you are the reseller, Yes you are eligible to sell web hosting packages to others, Yes! By selling web hosting spaces you can earn money or you can host multiple domains for yourself.

Features are like a shared hosting, the only advantage is you can create hosting account for multiple domains & control their features.

If you are interested in running a small web hosting company, this is a suitable hosting place for you. Make sure you could have a basic knowledge of cPanel & WHM, So that you can handle your reseller space without any trouble.

For basic cPanel & WHM click here to refer it.

Click here to start your hosting company today!

Disk space60GB-
First month payment$19.95/mo*-

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting is the most recommended plan for bloggers, content publishing sites, e-Commerce startups, products startups, application sites & if you are building something which goes to change the word “Then VPS hosting” is for you.

If you intend to generate a serious money, don’t go with shared & reseller plans. Because VPS server will have more trust score with search engines. Because VPS hosting always comes with dedicated IP’s which helps in showing that this IP is for this website & this niche.

If you are a blogger & monetizing your website with ad-sense, affiliate or any other media ads, VPS hosting will helps you to get more search result (SERP), also you will have a higher CTR, CPC in earnings.  Because your niche website runs on dedicate IP, display ads get up publish from you niche alone so you will get more CTP from your visitors. Such a way you have more advantages when using VPS hosting.

You will have option to hosting multiple domains in your VPS hosting, also you can create reseller accounts too in VPS hosting, again this case your IP network is going to shared with other domain names which get hosted on the VPS. In this case don’t except much CTR & CPC, because the methodology is going as like shared web hosting.

If you are technically strong and had previous experience in managing VPS, you can handle your VPS on your own, else no need to worry today all hosting providers are offering managed VPS plans, You can go ahead with that, So they will take care of your server and you can focus on your business.

Also this is suitable for small web hosting companies, you can create multiple share & reseller hosting account in a single VPS, via that you can maximize your earning.

It’s been used for bulk email campaigns as well, But nowadays there are many email sending tools available in the internet you can use those tools for better performance, such as mailchimp, sendgrid, amazon ses & more.

Right needy of VPS hosting, Don’t try with shared & reseller plans, You need free mind set to run your business successfully rather than migrating hosting accounts, changing hosting provider.

Don’t wait let’s build your VPS hosting today.

Basic planHostgatorBlueHost
CPU2 cores2 cores
Disk space120GB30Gb

Dedicate Server:

This is a most advanced solution server in internet till to the launch of cloud solutions. Dedicated server as like a local CPU where it’s located in data center.

You will have complete control of your space, in that you can install any kind of OS & scripts. This is your space in internet.

What ever configuration(ram, storage, IP & protocol) you want you can request your service provider to have it on dedicated server.

As I said earlier, this is the maximum level of server, So you can use it for any website, product, application, eCommerce & enterprises. According to your usage you can increase your configurations by time on request with service provider.

Click here to build your server.

Basic planHostgatorBluehost
CPU2 cores4 cores
Diskspace0.5TB1TB mirrored

Cloud Space:

Industries had to face troubles in managing servers, Today all kind of server problem ends with cloud solutions. “Cloud is the Queen”

Cloud hosting is suitable for ever body, you may be a beginner, small scale industry, Startup Company or large scale enterprises venture.

Features can be customized for everyone. When users get increase you can scale up at that particular time, while visitors getting down you can reduce your configurations. Deployment time is so fast in cloud space.

When you need more features you can increase, when you need less configuration you can reduce it too. This is where you can balance it to your cost price.

I will recommend this to who has a high value date & that needs to be maintained on long time, and those doing excellent marketing to your website and expecting high level of visitor at any time, Cloud is suitable for you. Unless that I don’t think so it’s required for every one in the world as of now.  “Cost Matters on Cloud”

Today most of the successful business in the internet, it may be product basis, eCommerce, CRM tools all are based in cloud storage.

Still are you searching which hosting should you buy. Don’t waste your time to search more. The world goes behind cloud, get your cloud now.

Basic Plan HostgatorBluehost
Available memory2GB RAM2GB RAM

Which Hosting provider should you choose?

There are many Hosting providers out there providing quality service, when it comes to hosting provider Godaddy is the major light in our mind, ofcourse they are giants in the industry, but I personally would recommend HostGator as I have been hosting all my websites to them and they feel very reliable where we had a major issue with Godaddy deleting our files from the server without our knowledge and facing lots of downtimes with Godaddy, whereas we faced zero issues with Hostgator. So I would personally prefer Hostgator to be the best choice for hosting providers.

At Last:

I hope this was useful to you, make use of this guide to select your hosting deals this blackfriday, lots of people make wrong decision in selecting plans during blackfriday and then pay a lot of money when they have to shift plans. So I request you to utilize hosting plan buying guides to select your plan according to your business needs.

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