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There are a whole lot of cameras out there and selecting the best camera that suits your requirements might be a bit hard for beginners who are venturing in to photography not only with beginners but also experts who are upgrading their gears, with camera manufacturers keeping on improving their camera’s capabilities it can be very hard to make a decision.

Going with selecting the best camera is completely a decision that is made personally, as there is no best camera in the field. Only the cameras that best suit your needs, going through the internet and searching for the best cameras in Google and getting to know their pros and cons can be little time consuming.

That is why we bring you a list of all the best cameras available in the market that you can catch them all at a single place and explore them understanding the features of the camera and getting to know about the pros and cons about each camera.

There are different things to look for before buying a camera but one of the major criteria to satisfy is whether the camera will meet your personal needs in your price range.

Product NameMega Pixels
Display Size
Nikon D500 DX-Format DSLR20.9 MP3.20 inches Check Price
Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR Camera20.2 MP3 inches Check Price
Pentax K-3II DSLR 24 MP3.2 inches Check Price
Panasonic LUMIX DSLM 4K camera16.05 MP3.3 inches Check Price
Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirror less camera42.4 MP3 inches Check Price
Fujifilm X-T2 Mirror less Camera
24.3 MP3 inches Check Price
Nikon D810 FX-format Digital SLR/a>36.3 MP3.2 inches Check Price
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame DSLR30.4 MP3.2 inches Check Price

#1: Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR

Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR

1st on the list is the Nikon D500 DX format SLR. This is an APS-C size sensor camera that means a crop sensor camera. It has a 20.9MP CMOS sensor without an AA filter that can capture crisp and sharp images. It features the latest EXPEED5 image processor with an ISO range of 100-51200 that can be expanded to 1640000. It also has the latest Multicam 153 Autofocus points with a bright 100% coverage view finder. It can record 1080P videos at 60p and 4K UHD videos at 30fps. It also has a Tilting LCD touch screen. It is a sports action type camera that features 10fps shooting up to 200 frames.

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  • High frame rate
  • High ISO range
  • Weather sealed
  • 4K video


  • No internal Flash
  • Very low time limit in 4K video

#2: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

Next on the line is the Canon EOS 7D Mark II the upgraded edition to the 7D Mark I. it has a minor changes to the 7D Mark I majorly in the focusing module the 7D Mark II performs better than the Mark I. it also features a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor, with 10fps of continuous shooting and can take up to 31 photos in raw. It has dual pixel hybrid auto focus that allows you to take 1080P videos like a camcorder. Moreover the specs are same as the 7D mark I

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  • 65 point all cross type AF
  • Custom movie servo AF


  • No SD card only Compact Flash Card
  • No tilting screen

#3: Pentax K-3II DSLR

Next on the line is the pentax K-3II DSLR pentax took quite a while to get in the game with Nikon and Canon. Pentax are manufacturers of some great hardware, it has a bulky body that has superior grip and comfort in the hands. The in-built flash is replaced by the GPS module to automate geo-tagging as well as freeze start trails during Astro-photography. It has a 24MP effective APS-C sensor with an ISO range of 100-51200. It also features pixel shift technology that produces razor sharp images.

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Pentax K-3II DSLR


  • Pixel shift technology
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Dual card slots


  • Poor battery life for a pro-consumer level camera
  • No inbuilt flash
  • AE lock button is poorly placed.

#4: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4KBODY DSLM Mirror less 4K camera

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4KBODY DSLM Mirror less 4K camera

The Panasonic Lumix GH-4 is the first of its kind and offers exceptional image quality with its 16.05MP micro four thirds CMOS sensor. The sensor might be small but the quality it regenerates is extremely great. It is capable of recording 4K cinematic videos at both 24P and 30P, the high speed 49 area auto focus works well in both photo and video mode you can capture 4K still images simultaneously while recording videos with the 8.8MP capture function. The shutter has a very high life that meets the needs of a professional.

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  • 4K video with 8.8MP still captures
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Superior AF in both Photos and Videos


  • Small Sensor size
  • Very less selection of native lens

#5: Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirror less camera

Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirror less camera

Next on our list is the king of sensors the Sony a7R II, is a full-frame Mirror less camera that has exceptional image quality and the best sensor in the world. The a7R II is a full frame mirror less camera that has a 42.4MP Exmor R CMOS the 1st ever backlit sensor. It has 5-axis image stabilization inbuilt in the body. It features a 2.4 million dot OLED tru-finder with a fast focal plane phase detection AF with A-mount lens. It has an ISO range of 100-102,400 which is optimised for professional usage. it has a shutter speed from 30-1/8000 sec. it has all the latest connectivity options and can be connected to any smart devices that supports.

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  • High ISO range
  • 42.4MP sensor
  • Compact and light weight


  • Lack of weather sealed body
  • Very poor battery life
  • No inbuilt flash

#6: Fujifilm X-T2 Mirror less Camera

The Fujifilm X-T2 is a mirror less interchangeable lens camera in a compact and small sized body. It features a 24.3MP APS-C size CMOS sensor that reduces moiré and false colors to improve image quality. It has fast auto-focus system that increases response time. The view finder is a real time view finder with a lag of 0.005sec. The camera is capable of shooting 4K videos at 30P/25P/24P shooting. It also features a 2” tilting tempered screen.
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Fujifilm X-T2 Mirror less Camera


  • Faster response time
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Weather sealed body


  • No inbuilt flash
  • Poor battery life

#7: Nikon D810 FX-format Digital SLR

Nikon D810 FX-format Digital SLR

Nikon D810 is a flagship FX- format DSLR that has a weather sealed magnesium alloy body containing a 36.3MP CMOS sensor without an optical low pass filter and a 30% faster EXPEED 4 image processing system. It has a ISO range of 64-12,800 expandable to 51,200. It has all the professional video and audio capabilities the sensor is capable of producing razor sharp images. It has 51 auto focus points all cross type and group AF functions.

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  • Weather sealed body
  • 36.3MP full frame sensor


  • No wifi
  • No tilting screen

#8: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the latest release to the 5D Mark III with minor upgrades the 5D Mark IV is a beast with its 30.4MP full frame CMOS sensor having continuous shooting of up to 7 fps, featuring 61 point AF and about 41 of them are cross type. It has an ISO range of 50-102400 expansion. It can record 4K videos at 30p and 24p and also capture 8.8MP stills like the Panasonic GH-4. Finally the full frame DSLR just has a tilting touch screen.

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  • 30.4MP sensor
  • Increased ISO
  • 4K videos with simultaneous still capture


  • No inbuilt flash

#9: Sony a99II 42.4MP Digital SLR

Sony recently announced their new full frame translucent mirror technology camera that splits light into two, shooting can be done without lifting the mirror up. The camera is capable of capturing high end images with its new 42.4MP BIS sensor, the ISO range has been increased to 120,4004. It can do 4K movie recording with full pixel readout in full frame, it features an in-body 5-axis stabilization that can deliver shake free shots even in low lit situations. It has continuous shooting of 12fps enabling continuous focusing incorporating the all new hybrid focus points and focus plane system.

Sony a99II 42.4MP Digital SLR


  • High pixel density sensor
  • High fps
  • High ISO range
  • Super 35 4K


  • No inbuilt flash

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Digital Camera Buyers guide:

There are certain things to look out before buying a camera, of-course all the cameras listed here are all either flagship cameras or high end cameras. There are lots of other cameras available in the market that fitting your needs, the following are things you should consider before buying your camera

  • Decide if you really need a DSLR?
  • Get to know your budget?
  • Take list on the different types of cameras available in your budget
  • Identify your usage type
  • Get specification recommendations from a professional photographer according to your area of interest
  • Analyse the specifications of different cameras
  • Wait for offers
  • Note the lens coming with the camera kit
  • Select a brand that suit your needs and budget
  • Make sure you have a friend with whom you can exchange lenses
  • Make sure the brand you select has a wide variety of lenses.

If you have any experience of your own or need information on a particular product, feel free to post it below.

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