Best Chrome Extensions for Youtubers

YouTube is a video sharing company headquartered at San Bruno, California and is working as a Google’s subsidiary. As of August 2018, YouTube is the second most viewed website all across the world. This company was started by three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005 but Google has bought the website in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

YouTube allows sharing of videos, commenting on these videos, Subscribing to other channels, forming a playlist and sharing the videos and rating them. YouTube also has many commercial and informative ads, has promotional content like TV clips, live streams, Movie trailers, Music releases and concert details. Most of the content on YouTube is by individuals but many media people share content to the world by partnership programs. This way YouTube has unknown employers across the world and everyone knows that these content sharers also get paid on the basis of their site traffic, views and subscribers count.

YouTube earns more by streaming ads and promotional content and uses AdSense, A Google subsidiary. Most of YouTube’s content is free but there are some restrictions regarding age and subscription wise. Nowadays, YouTube is also facilitating special content for subscribed users who pay a special price for that content.

Main Factors for YouTube being profitable:

There are many topics that help YouTube and its channel creators gaining both popularity and money hand in hand.
• Views
• Keywords
• Tags
• Analytics
YouTube runs on viewing more video content by consumers. The more views, the more money YouTube makes. Views of a YouTube video can increase due to tags. Tagging is one of the important ways to rank your video on YouTube search. When users type a keyword, Tagging helps to easily pop the video, therefore, tagging has to be precise and clear. But tags should match the title for increasing more views.

Keywords also describe the video that is being uploaded. Keyword search is the most important thing to be done before video uploading. This keyword search happens to be the part of optimizing the video, Therefore, Finding the keywords that people are using to search and then optimizing the video around those keywords, makes the video to standout among many videos.

Analytics is the main factor for expanding and cashing out of YouTube. The Creator Academy of YouTube helps creators to make great videos, earn revenue and even provide free lessons for them in order to understand new traits of YouTube. YouTube analytics track traffic on a channel, live subscriber count of the channel and predict the future of the channel. Checking analytics helps the content writers monitor their channel’s performance and compares reports on YouTube analytics. In the YouTube analytics tab, there are many reports about the channel like watch time, Subscriber count, Traffic sources and demographic reports.
This analytics help in tracking the right metrics for analyzing the successes and failures of the channel. YouTube analytics have three main reports Revenue reports, Watch time reports and Interactive reports.

Features of YouTube:

  • Content for free.
    Many web users have their eyes on Google and YouTube for their unknown Questions. YouTube provides most of the information in a clear manner. The videos provide more information including corresponding links, giveaways and discount codes which is a profit for both YouTube and its viewers.
  • Uploading the video for free.
    Many content writers upload their unique videos for free and the video length can be 15 minutes but some users can upload videos up to a length of hours, live streams, The main formats of videos on YouTube are AVI, MPEG-PS, FLV, 3 GP and WebM which allows uploading of videos from mobiles.
  • Provides a platform between content writers and their viewers without discrimination
  • YouTube also allows autoplay, live streaming options with greater video quality and provides even 3D videos.

Though YouTube is a very good video sharing platform, having extensions if YouTube is being used on Google Chrome website will have more benefits. Theses YouTube chrome extensions help in having a better YouTube experience.

Few of the best YouTube chrome extensions are enlisted below:

• Tubebuddy
• Vidiq
• Youtube plus
• Youtube Music etc.

Let’s see in detail about these extensions.

Tubebuddy – Youtube Chrome Extension:

Tubebuddy is a premier YouTube channel (YouTube certified) that helps the content writers, brands and promotional companies to expand directly through YouTube. Tubebuddy was launched in December 2014 and has been the building tools of YouTube for more than 12 years. Tubebuddy is headquartered at San Diego, California.

Tubebuddy helps in saving a lot of time on Channel management for Content writers, increasing subscriber count, aids keyword search and helps in optimizing videos. Their mission is to make the rest of the YouTube community a happier and more productive bunch.

Their main features are as listed below.
• Productivity
• Bulk processing
• Video SEO
• Promotion
• Data and research

Features of Tubebuddy:

• Tag Explorer: Finds best and popular tags for the videos.
• Description promotion: Promoting a new video by giving its description in all other videos.
• Provides the best time to publish the videos.
• Brand alerts: Notifies when other people use your channel’s name or content.
• Gives information and keeps an eye on the competition for a channel.
• Provides GIF generation, apt descriptions and good thumbnails.
These are few features of tubebuddy and are termed as the best buddy for those maintaining a YouTube Channel.

Vidiq – Youtube Chrome Extension:

Vidiq is a chrome extension and video creator’s platform that has been used by many YouTube channel owners. This extension helps in video marketing and improving the video audience to the channel. The special feature of this extension Vidiq Audit helps the owners understand the factors that work for your content and the ways to improve the channel’s brand by improving keyword search and improving traffic to the channel.

Vidiq is one of the most powerful video marketing tools on the Earth that provides necessary insight for content writers to strive and grow on the YouTube platform. Vidiq has the following features.

Features of Vidiq:

These are the few features of YouTube chrome extension, Vidiq
• Keyword tools
• Information about competitors
• Trend Alerts
• Productivity tools
• Thumbnail generator
• Real-time status bar
• Recent achievements
• Facebook syndication
• Channel audit etc.
Vidiq also helps for brands to promote themselves on YouTube. Vidiq helps the brands by guessing most searched keywords by users and engage with the influencers. Vidiq analytics dashboard also helps in tracking the performance of the channel socially. Vidiq even identifies keywords that are being searched by many YouTube viewers and helps the channel owners produce more creative and informative content based on opportunity rather on popularity.

Vidiq also provides many options for YouTube creators for getting more views in less time. Vidiq acts as a YouTube 24/7 consultant for a creator. The channel audit tools help in understanding the topics that work, the topics that a channel is missing out and that does not work on the channel.
Competitors Tool in vidiq allows a creator to follow the competition and provides the best strategy to expand a YouTube channel. Vidiq Achievements Tool will track the achievements of a channel and automatically generate a certificate for sharing on a community page instantly.
These are the few features of Vidiq as a Youtube chrome extension that helps creators, Brands and agencies to have a productive experience using YouTube.

Final Verdict

This article describes the world’s second most viewed website, YouTube. YouTube has been a great influencer and has gained wide popularity among the world’s population irrespective of age and sex. YouTube has many creators on it and has been providing an open platform for all. YouTube, being a video sharing website has some billions of videos being uploaded every month and many billions of views on its platform. There has been a lot of competition among the uploaded videos regarding the content, video quality, Tagging and social media sharing.

This article also explains in detail about the main topics that affect YouTube’s performance namely the Views, Tags, Keywords and Analytics which are pertained mainly to a creator.

In order to improve the performance of a creator on YouTube, Many YouTube chrome extensions like AdSense, Tube Buddy Vidiq etc have been helping in their daily YouTube experiences. This article also explains in detail about the famous Youtube Chrome extensions Tubebuddy and Vidiq.

Tubebuddy and Vidiq are both Youtube certified extensions. Tubebuddy, being the best buddy of a YouTube creator has been helping in monetizing and time-saving for many channels. Tube Buddy Can Help a creator manage, optimize, and helps him to grow their Channel. Tube buddy provides the right tools that promote channel growth.

Vidiq is also a useful extension for video content creators. Vidiq provides a great platform for video marketing and is helpful for creators, brands and promotional companies. This article also describes the features of both Tubebuddy and Vidiq. These two extensions help in the growth of a channel and its creator.

Vidiq provides more reach in helping video marketing for creators, brands and agencies. Therefore, Vidiq proves to be the best between tubebuddy and vidiq youtube chrome extensions.