What are the best eMail Marketing & Automation Tool?

Email marketing is one of the business strategies which are used by many of the businesses today. Though it is considered a minor aspect of the overall business it is really helpful to improve sales. Through the emails, you can get the attention of the customers and make them know of the latest products and deals which you have planned for them. They will be updated thoroughly and will be interested to make use of the products. But to manage all these email marketing tools are really necessary. There are many plans and strategies discovered by the developers and put in the tools to benefit you. As a business, you have to fulfill some of the wishes of the customers so with the aid of the tools you can find out what they desire and adjust the services according to them. You can have the standard database to collect information about the people in your contacts.

There are many email marketing and automation tools which are available on the internet to use. But you may be confused about what to use for your business. Though there are many email marketing tools only a handful can be suitable for your business or even one among the best of it. Here is a list of the best email marketing and automation tool for you to use.

These tools are created to serve you and your business. They will also save a lot of time.


This is a free marketing tool for your marketing strategies. It helps you to easily mail your clients and will provide you with the best landing pages. It is an all in one platform for all your business needs. It works together as per your convenience to get you the best results. There are many features in the Getresponse tool. Here is a short glimpse of the services it offers.

1. Email marketing

Email marketing can be used for offering effective campaigns and close connections and also the impact becomes more. There are many professional templates and simple to design tools in the tool which you can utilize to compose an impeccable mail to your clients. The deliverability of the tool is unmatched and you will be able to get more clicks, sales, and opens by using the Getresponse. Email is not an old school because it still works today. You can use the email to create relationships with your clients. With a perfect email, you can make a communication flow and send the important details and covert the clients into your frequent clients. The email marketing campaign is a well-coordinated way to get in touch with your customers.

2. Marketing information

You can set up the hardest of campaigns easily with the help of the marketing information provided in the marketing information of the Getresponse tool. There is a drag and drop workflow builder and there are superb workflows for use. There are many scenarios of the real-time view to benefit your clients. You can track and address the people who abandon the carts and also make the visitors of your site your clients. You can make an arrangement of the ready to use blocks.

3.  Landing pages

With the help of Getresponse you can have full-fledged mobile templates which are responsive to the mobile. You can choose from many of the high-quality templates which are specifically designed for high conversion.  You can opt-in- sales and also download the pages in the options provided. Moreover, the landing page will be made ready in less than thirty minutes. There is the availability of five thousand plus shutter stock images.

4. List management and building

You can change the visitors into your long-time contacts with good management and plans. You can build an email list of your own. You will be able to customize the templates and can give the arrangement of the right form. You will be able to get more popups and scroll forms with more signups. They are said to increase the conversions by fifty percent.


A large number of email marketers depend on the marketing tool Aweber. There is everything here to aid you in sending emails that interest the clients. The company believes that mail is the best tool to keep the brand’s name on the top. You will be able to stay connected with the potential clients through the emails. They will be stirred to purchase your product and it will increase your business sales. You can sign up to the forms in Aweber and also the templates to create the email. You can compose creative and fascinating emails to your clients with the help of the features provided in Aweber.

You can have utmost confidence on the Aweber team that your email will be sent to the client’s inboxes. You will know how easy it is to create an email if you have got the right tools. It is also simple to make an automated email campaign with the new drag and drop tool editor found in Aweber. You will be able to look into the status of the email easily in your mobile even when you are traveling. The prices of the plans are affordable and you can choose from the options which the tool provides.

The Aweber tool provides a good education for the customers along with the support. They make sure that all of the people using the Aweber understand the processes involved to use it effectively. The templates in Aweber will prove useful in writing the emails. There are more than forty-five copy templates and a master in the email content. You can learn how to make interesting emails in less time. You can write even if you are not a writer.

The Awber tool was founded by the CEO of the company Tom Kulzer in 1998. The team has grown over the years as a successful platform.

You can examine and improve the quality of your email. Here are some of the important features in the Awber tool.

• Email split testing

You can use your ideas to create the email. Have a good performance with a tool with the easy to use testing features.

• Email marketing tracking

You can get the holistic view of the email campaigns as you can see the people opening the emails and viewing the emails, links clicks and they can visit the site and more.

• Email deliverability rate

You can have the confidence for your messages can find its place in the inbox. They will not be able to open the spam folder because the Awber tool has excellent features.

Management of the subscribers

• Subscriber management

You can view and track the details of the subscribers and create the segments and can also handle the list.

• Subscriber segmenting

You can send the emails which are targeted. There is also the feature of geographical location and the actions they must have planned for the old emails along with the first feature.

To top it all they have award winning customer service which makes them stand apart from everybody.


You can be yourself on the bigger self that is the motto of mailchimp. The mailchimp will aid you to find the people who will become your potential customers and you can also keep them interested. This will then result in the growth of your business.

Create campaigns which will help you to stand out. If you have got great business goals to fulfill this tool will be supportive to you. Mailchimp makes it easy to make and create the campaigns which will connect your audience to you. You can meet them at the right place and at the right time. Here are some of the tools available for you.

• Email

You will be able to create beautiful and branded emails which will make you appear like a pro. You can keep the audience engaged in the platform of email marketing. The campaign made by the mailchimp’s campaign builder is very simple to use. It is packed with features that will benefit you. It is created with the quality to grow with the businesses it serves.

The email will help you to know more about the audience so it will aid your brand to build. The designs of the email will make your emails look professional and eye-catching. The emails offer you the highest turn on the market a study has revealed this fact. So use the emails to improve the business. You can create it in small steps which will be easy for you.

• Landing pages

Create the must click destinations with mailchimp. You can make the landing pages by taking just a few minutes of your precious time. It will make it very easy for potential customers to join the list and purchase the products.

The templates are present to work hard for your growth and success. You can publish the pages for free that too the pages are available in unlimited amount.

• Postcards

You can greet the clients in real time with the help of postcards. You can print the stamps and mail the postcards for people all around the world. The tool has got the modern twist to the old school classic marketing. You can use it as an email for the mailboxes. From the beginning of the design until the sending you can manage the postcards with all the other forms of marketing in mailchimp. If you do not have any mailing address the mailchimp tool will help you in this situation too. You can send the postcards to the existing contacts even if there are no mailing addresses for you. If you sign up for the monthly plan the tool will set up the email addresses for your use. You can create the automated postcards to your customers and this will save your time from doing the repetitive tasks.

Start this journey for free. It is easy and free to boot.  Both of which makes any perfect.


You can go beyond the email marketing with superb and excellent email marketing automation. You can put the perfect emails in the form of the right people with the help of activecampaign.

What is the type of emails in activecampaign?

The emails that are set should make sense and relate to your business.

• Broadcast Emails

Sometimes you have to talk to the people at once at the same time. You can send the emails to all the people in your contact list with the broadcast emails.

• Triggered emails

The emails which are triggered are based on the purchase. They are also based on the visitations on the site. You can send the emails automatically with the help of readymade emails you must have created already for a specific purpose.

• Targeted Emails

It will make sure that the proper messages are sent to a suitable person. It takes into account the clients tastes and preferences and the emails are composed with that in mind. The contacts can be grouped and the particular segments of emails can be sent to them.

• Email autoresponders

You can get in touch with the people with welcome emails, lead magnets and the like directly.

• Email funnels

You can sell more with the aid of the email. You can set up the email automation which will turn the contacts from the leads into potential customers.

• Scheduled Emails

You can time the emails and set them up to be sent for the specific time and date. It is the perfect plan or the holidays, sales teams and the other special occasions.

You can send excellent emails with the help of these plans. There is no need for the tech wizard to send emails to your email. The drag and drop email designer a tool is the perfect one to help you with it. Set up the campaigns with the aid of the tool.


Track the leads found in CRM. The sales CRM along with the automation will allow you to clean the tasks that are piling up in the desk. It leads to focus and prioritization. The management of the contacts will also be performed so you will have a lot of time to sell. 

Sales automation will help you sell

Sometimes the simple and dull task can take your time. The contacts will vanish because of it. The sales automation CRM will help you keep the process of sales to work smoothly and effectively.

The tool activecampaign has a great and excellent scalable CRM. There will a lot of contacts in your email and the tool is also simple to use. The price tag is also less. You do not need to handle emails and businesses.  You can manage the contacts and automatically update the details. View the whole history from the records.

You can also be confident that no sales contacts will be missed. You can track the interaction and continue where the others have left. You can know and see which leads to focus and when to go slow. 


Infusionsoft is a private company that helps to keep the enterprises succeed in their ventures. You can choose which of the product will be right for you.

You can grow the scales with advanced automation

The all in one CRM and the enhanced marketing automation platform will help you in your sales. You can automate the sales and the marketing to get and covert the leads. You can create the client database and other important matters with the help of the Infusionsoft tool.

Manage the leads and client better

You can change the spreadsheets and the easy-to-use tools. You can manage the clients with the adeptness and smartness in the software. Continue the leads with the interested customers. This is the all in one platform from the Infusionsoft by keap which is available for free. Automate the business and save many hours in a month. It automates the sales and the marketing making you free to do other important things. Set the tasks and the reminders to capture the organisation leads and the information of the client.  

Set up the tasks and the reminders in a way you prefer. The workflows can be customized to build a relationship with the client. The workflows will trigger particular email sequences. They will receive the right messages at the proper time. Standardize and automate the processes to by the stage. Create the tasks and the checklist to make the emails automated. Perfect the proven and repeatable business processes to the scale. Things are endless.

Grow online business with sales online. Set up the cart to fill the shopping cart. No sales calls are required for it. The customers can order the products from the website with ease. There are many online sales solutions available in the Infusionsoft. Scale the entire processes by the sale pipeline. It will free up the time. You can serve the client better with the aid of the tools and features available in the Infusionsoft. The clients in the Infusionsoft are very happy with the process in it. This contains team to outline the deliverables automate the communications.

You can serve the emails which can convert the leads into the clients. As the emails are important for any business it has to be important to make the messages more personalized and will help you to go forward through the sales pipelines.

There are easy to accept quotes in the tool which will assist you in creating, managing and sharing the custom messages directly to the clients. The customers will only have to accept the quote and have the choice to accept it and decline it. Convert these types of quotes in orders and this will easily amp up the sales. The streamlined paths to the deal when it closes are present in the tool. Automate the reminders for the follow-ups to reach the aim faster. Convert the leads with the quotes which are branded as per your tastes.

These are some of the benefits to use the Infusionsoft software by keap.


Today with the developing email marketing industries it is very tough to establish as a unique and popular business.  However, if you want to run a successful business this app is a great tool for you. If you implement and use this tool properly then this could be one of the hugest investment and revenue generating a tool for you. The automation technology is mostly required in any email marketing tool. Many email marketers are well aware of the once so popular marketing tools but they are not suitable for today’s business market as they were not flexible enough for changes.

The Converkit email marketing tool is not only useful for the businesses but it also has the potential to work and help the email marketing businesses in the future.  This tool is very advanced and capable to provide more technologies and enhanced features for the email marketing businesses to become more profitable. If you go for any other tool there will be an expensive price tag for it but the automation services of the Converkit can be obtained at affordable rates.

Converkit is suitable for all the email business such as blogger, podcasts, and also helps the business to gain a huge fan base and genuine customer base. Let’s see what the entire Converkit marketing tool can do for your business.

• Generating more revenue and growing customers

The email list is the biggest strength of any email marketing business. Turn your emails from normal to extraordinary emails so that the readers will automatically transform into subscribers. If you have a website it is a good start to create and build your landing pages with the Converkit tool. Many business people says to start it is very easy and convenient for them to use the Converkit app as they can fill any forms within five minutes.

• Understand the interests of your customers

Find out what’s your customer’s interest and preference by tagging every individual separately according to their interests. It may at times very difficult for the marketers to properly organize the subscribers. However, organizing the subscribers can be done very easily with the Converkit

Tool by categorizes them according to their respective interests, activity and preferences. Many businesses which use Converkit say that it is very easy for them to manage the subscribers who are indifferent. However, it is very simple for them as they can tag people in according to their interest and take into consideration the specific demand of these individuals.

•  Increase the chats with the subscribers

It is very useful for the business as the visual automation has been made even simpler you can always easily understand how your subscribers think and how will they act. The Converkit email marketing tool helps businesses in creating many funnels. They can also find whether they are receiving the needed emails for their business. Many businesses feel that with making moiré money they are able to provide more fine service for their customers.

Constant contact

When you are a marketer searching for the best email marketing tools then you may wish to get a tool which is fully featured and which will provide the best scope for your business. However, this may sound very easy but there are only fewer tools which are featured and intuitive. It is a dream for the marketers to find an automated tool, responsive platform, email editor, analytical tool.  When talking about email marketing constant contact platform has the needed and even more additional features which are even very helpful for the small business. They can create amazing marketing email campaigns with economical rates.

The tool has not many restrictions as it gives more plans to easy to send an unlimited email and the price of it is very affordable and it can change according to your number of subscribers. The email editor is not complex but it is very simple and easy and they have been very successfully sending the emails to the correct inboxes. Let’s see some of the best facts about the constant contact tool.

The fitting budget

There are two amazing and unique plan available in this tool email and email plus. It also offers a 60 day free trial for the businesses. Create a professional and fine campaign for your business. With each plan, you can see some different features and modes which help you to send unlimited emails.

•           The price list of it is based upon the list size. If you prepay the amount for a period of six months, you can receive a discount of 10 percent and if you prepay for the period of 12 months then you can receive a discount of 15 percent. If you want to start a franchise and association you can obtain special plans.

The unique features of constant contact

•           There is an AB testing option which helps you to send two very different subject line for the subscribers. The automation feature easily sends one popular subject line to the subscribers.

•           The autoresponders feature helps you to send the message to the right person very easily. You can create your own personalized message to the subscribers. You can send greetings and all the other welcome messages to the users.

•           Even you send the most responsive emails if it doesn’t reach the right person then there is no use in sending it.  The deliverability rate is 97 percent you can also learn more information about it.

•           When you want to click on the create email option then you can first choose to add your website. You can also add brand logos.


This software has all the features which will help it all. This is breath through software with the web app which contains the CRM and the automation tools to rise up the bar. The marketing and the sales systems are in one place.

Create the marketing and the sales campaigns

You can automate the marketing with the attempts at for the coordinated campaigns. This will bring the results at the stages of the lifecycle of the customers. Attract customers and get their attention. There are optimized pages solutions available in the software and the forms there are easy to create with the drag and drop options in the form for publishing.

Refer and get the word out by paying personal attention to the clients and their friends.  The tool will tell you who is managing the business and who is doing it automatically.

Convert the leads into the sales by making the marketing and sales teams offer the right message at the right time. It will happen at the right time and the right date. I will also be sent through the right channel.

Delight in making the emails remarkable and have hyper-personalised experiences. The data Ontraport will collect for you will help you with the customer’s lifecycle.

Fulfill and take the payment and also finish off the process of delivering the goods with the Ontraport powerful platform for automation.

Complete the campaigns with the pieces for promotion from the emails and the pages to the pop-up forms. You can create the pages perfectly from the Ontraport. You can design the emails in the true brand voice and see if they have delivered the emails to the appropriate customers.  Landing pages can be created with the attractive pages which will allow you to show off the products and the services and make the visitors purchase more.

The forms will help you get the visitors and their attention.  The payment forms can be synced directly to the contact database and the system of e-commerce. CRM will help you with every customer click the purchase and action will aid you in all of the campaigns. Everything can be handled behind the scenes.

Use the insights to max the results. You can utilize the data to identify which are offered. You can generate the conversions so that you can provide the money to what is selling more.  

Spend on the sources for leads that actually work. Strengthen the copy and the design to have the best conversion. Have the landing pages that land. You can find what aspects you work the best. Have a glance at the predictive data to know about the next steps. It is way to future proof the business.

When the marketing is organized with the automated campaigns it will lead you to the customers.  You can build the landing pages easily with the lead gen forms and the emails. You can plug it to the campaigns you make. See the real-time conversion data and simply adjust it to the campaigns to increase the sales


Maropost tool is definitely one of the highly demanded email marketing tools.  You can now optimize email marketing in the best way.  It also increases and enhances customer engagement. This tool is a very successful ion building a good customer relationship is a very crucial element for all the email marketing businesses. There are also multi purposes of messaging channels. Maropost helps your email organization to grow more.  It only allows your organization just to survive the market competition but also helps you to develop a stand high from your competitors. It helps you to understand what best you can provide for your subscribers.iyt helps you to build refined and excellent campaigns.  The campaigns you create for your market will be very useful for the future of your business as this tool assists you to do the best for your company.

You can drive your firm revenue amazingly by make proper using of this tool. This may be your hugest benefit derived investment for your company. More than 500 companies have experienced a revenue drive after using the Maropost tool. Maropost is suitable more for enterprise grades.  Let’s see the fine services and products produced by the Maropost.

•           The Maropost enterprise is a solution for the flagships Maropost. You can get everything you need here to create a campaign which helps you to increase customer engagement. The Maropost is a tool which will automatically manage your email campaign to obtain greater results and success for your business.

•           The interface of this tool is very easy and simple to operate. It is user-friendly and it provides convenience for the users.

•           Form the basic email solutions to the advanced solutions are available in this platform. All the tasks wanted by the users can be performed by just navigating the keys.

•           Easily create the new emails, you can monitor your subscribers by seeing their activity and how they will react to certain posts.

•           The workflow will be organized if you use these tools as it can help you to send messages to the correct subscriber and good responses from them can also be expected.

•           You can do all the emailing work very efficiently as the Maropost helps you to optimize the exact time which will be taken to reach the very recipient.

•           The revenue tracking feature will help you to know how much a product will generate revenue. For each product, this revenue tracking can be used. It not only plans of the today but also has many future plans. It provides more potential and scope for the future of your business.

•           The tool provides many CRM and automation features for sales. It is adaptable for any kind of email marketing business. 


Sendlane is yet another great tool which is used by many email marketers. The content writers email business owners, SaaS applications and most of the digital agencies. Lest see how Sendlane is useful for the content creators

•  Content creators

Manual data transfers are very stressful as the process and the methods of it are very difficult. However many businesses have said bye to them and believe and want more of automation in the data transfer tools. With the Sendlane tool everything your website, your landing page, and other websites can be integrated for easily transferring the data and managing the customers. Communicate in an effective way with your customers by avoiding the manual and difficult way. Develop your content and the lead for it. This means the sales can be increased which make your business very profitable. As the main aim of the content creators is to share what they have created with the world. There is no effective way you can do it that is with the Sendlane tool. This tool allows you to do what you are best and make improvements. Based upon the actions reactions and the behavior of subscribers it is now very easy to engage and improve the lead.

The features of Sendlane

•           The behavior tracking feature in the Sendlane will help you to know what your readers want. It provides you the best tracking results which are cent percent accurate. It is not possible for every email marketing tool out there to predict t user behavior. However, even though every subscriber and their interest is very dissimilar the Sendlane tool makes the right decision on which you can completely rely. You can send personalized messages with this feature. It will help you to send effective messages according to the interest of each subscriber.

•           You can easily collect the contact information of the subscriber by and send the emails you want automatically. Segmenting and develop your leads by sending content to the correct persons who would be responsible for it.

•           It helps to make a more strategic decision for your business. You optimize the behavior of your subscribers. This will help you to decide what content you want to send them.

•           The content you create can be also shared in other social networking sites for promotion.

•           The interface of this tool is also very useful for email marketing businesses. Everyone can easily understand how to use it. You can be thoughtful and smart in making the best decision with your tool.

Final Verdict

These are some of the amazing email marketing tools that will help you in your business. Just go for the free trial of any of the tools and see which one is suitable for you. They are the best and also affordable too.