What are the Best Lead Capturing Tool ? – Funnel First, Traffic Second

In fact, you need traffic in order to seek the most advanced audience quality for your future website. No one can deny that we the popularity of your website can handle you the top user experience that you ever need in your future business. The more traffic you can seek the more conversion you can get whatever the kind of business you are running.

The power of leading traffic to your online business

Of course, the type of niche that you are working on can make the difference. Since the type of audience and the interests may change from one person to another. This is why many gurus in the rea of internet marketing may handle you the best experience on the top accurate traffic for your targeted audience.

 The real obvious formula that you have to put in your mind is the more massive of visitors you can reach, the more opportunities that you can take advantage of during your business adventure.

In addition to that, you have to establish an accurate relationship with your audience in order to thrive the potential customer service support. Like that, the consumers will trust you more and more. As a result, you will get a wide range of profit means. You can sell them anything if you can seek their targeted interest. Like that, the sky is certainly the limit.

On the other hand, another crucial pillar to take care of is the quality of your audience. In fact, you have to seek the possibility of persons that can take actions and purchase the service or the kind of product that you are selling. This is what we call the quality of visitors. Although, you have to keep in mind that the more user experience you offer for the visitors the more positive feedback you are going to thrive from the audience.

The quality of your audience is the most important

You have to keep in mind that it is not about the number of visitors that you can get but whether they are interested in the service that you represent to them or not. We are obviously talking about the deep notion of User experience. The more sophisticated service you offer to your audience the more positive feedback you are going to reach without any small doubt. All that you have to do is to improve the quality of your user experience. We can ensure for you a golden rule saying the quality of your website is over the quality of the visitors you can get. The system or rule can work with all the aspects of our life. All that you must try to improve the worth of your website. You can use many automate mails sender in order to keep always your lining with your potential customers. Accordingly, you can inaugurate a great relationship or what we can define as a great public relation department for your website.

In addition to that, it is highly recommended to build sign up forms in order to reach the subscribers whenever we need them. Like that, you will be able to reach them whenever you need them. It is all about your future sign up forms architecture. In another word, we can also confirm that the more design you implement for your next landing page, the more audience you can attract for your business preset goals.

The magic of sales funnels

In the next lines, we are going to set up an impressive detailed acknowledged on you can use the most steady and optimized funnel to reach more sells for your future projects. There are many companies in the area; however, our post is going to cover the best of the best when it comes to the targeted results.

Actually, the idea of sales funnels is one of the revolutionary terms that made online marketing as efficient as never before. It stands for the ideas of gathering a massive amount of visitors and end up by only targeted and high-quality visitors that are going to purchase from your own platform or website.

The stages of each sales funnel may pass with three-man pillars:

  1. Awareness: It is a customer side process where the client starts searching to meet its need concerning a problem
  2. Interest:  it is where the audience number decrease but the interest quality increase
  3. Decision the point where the customer may decide to take action
  4. Finally the action toward the purchase, which can alter massive incomes for your future business.

What is clickfunnel?

The platform is among the top pillars that can handle you the most advanced tools to make your conversion rate increase insanely. It is all about sell deliver and mainly market your services or products over the virtual world. It contains all the features that handle you the best functional sales funnel that you have ever dreamed of during your professional life for sure. Like that, you will be able to rock the world of marketing and the earning mechanism will be over the top of expectations.

Actually, traditional sales funnel can handle you each feature alone. It means, it stands alone. For instance, you have to search for a good adequate hosting choice for your future use; in addition to that, you have to develop your own landing page too. The email responding system is another story too. You have to set all the system for your own custom use. It is an annoying and boring mechanism that you have to repeat each time, you want to establish a new product or business idea. This is the main reason why clickfunnel comes to make you get rid of the technical time wasting process. It handles you all the features in one package that you can use with your own strategy.

In fact, clickfunnel can work with many types of business. All that you have to do is to define your own business and the sky is the limit for sure. It can meet the standard of any kind of business such as webinars, sales, membership sales and any kind of business related to the selling process.

One of the top advantages of clickfunnel is that it can handle you wide variety of funnels templates. You can choose the adequate style hat you need according to your own niche that you are working it.

You can also meet many advanced features:

Custom domain

  • A/B split tests
  • Sales Funnels
  • A real and long membership funnel
  • Hangout funnels
  • The pricing can vary from a package to another. You will have different pricing according to the type of membership that you are seeking for sure.

A startup package can cost you 97 $ per month and it has a wide range of possibilities that can handle you the most advanced outcomes for your future business. We can mention the new advantages:

It can offer you 20 funnels and more than 100 pages coverage. In addition to that, you will have access to 20 000 visitors for your future project. Unlimited member’s factor is one of the top astonishing factors in the system. Moreover, we can find ClickPops and ClickOptin are also available in this type of package. If you are starting a new fresh business from scratch, you have better to deal with the star up the package, like that, you can seek the most advanced outcomes for your future projects.

On the other hand, we can find the Enterprise package. It can handle you some advanced features like up to 70 funnels for your specific use. In addition to that, you will be able to handle more than 100 000 users per month. When it comes to the pages that you can cover, the package can handle more than 300 pages. Like that, you can easily scale your business to the most advanced tools needed for the sake f getting more audience numbers.

One of the top pillars about the new generation of sales funnels is the top satisfaction of the users. You can easily seek the top cover when it comes to customer support. With the enterprise package, you will have the support to get 24/7 questions coverage for all your technical issues. This package can cost you around 297$ each month. Nevertheless, truth to be told, it worthier each dollar you pay for it. Especially when we talk about the amount of engagement that you can take advantage of due to the marketing tactics it uses.


Another guru in the area of sales funnel is kartra powerful tool to well control future projects no matter what kind of niches you are working on for sure. It is a real all in marketing machine that can handle you the most advanced tools to deliver, sell and market your services and products that you are working on. You will all the aspects that you need for your future marketing projects. Especially talking about mail listing, web hosting, and all the business management tools that can make your rock the world of marketing strategies.

One of the most impressive tools that you can find in the famous kartra is the well-detailed analytics factor. You can, in fact, seek the top advantages when knowing well what attracts your audience. Having a well-optimized idea of what can really make your audience want can handle powerful giant ideas where, when and what to target.


The automation is also another massive advantage in the new Kartra marketing guru. You will have an automatic process that can handle all the advanced feedbacks according to user behavior. This kind of automation can build the best email list that you have ever dreamt of. The platform can offer you the top tools needed for your future marketing campaigns. Many choices for your future landing pages email auto-responding systems and the customer service bots that can handle your online business as honest and efficient in the eye of the client.

Drag and drop powerful builder

The page builder can handle you the top advanced tools for your future page. They can flourish your online business. We can ultimately find:


  You can adjust your customized page according to your need. You can project your web mastering tactics and project on your web pages in order to achieve the best designs. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your website according to your business requirement.

Pop windows

 It is a magical weapon that you can use to get the visitors information. Now, in this step, you have to thin outside the box. It is not that easy to grasp any potential client information, however, you can use the pop-up feature in order to convince him to deliver its data.

Alert boxes: Nowadays the alert boxes are the future. They can always come across your experience while you surf any kind of website. Kartra made it easier to deal with the Alert boxes, you can add whatever you want and the settings are very tolerant.


Furthermore, we have to mention a real guru in the area of sales funnels market. Kajabi is one of the most competitive online commerce solution that can boost your financial visions and seek the best quality of purchases. 

With Kajabi, you can obviously create an astonishing market place for your products. It spreads life in your products due to the unique and beautiful template that you can deal with. In addition to that, you can improve the user experience of your customers by handling them only one time long in possibility. Lie that they will have access for all the purchased products or service from your website. Kajabi is much optimized when we deal with the easiness and the experience of developing your own user experience.  Each domain offered by the platform add automatically the company name however, you can change your custom domain name by choosing a hosted domain name easily. The possibility is opened in a wide tolerance and you can custom your website with an adequate manner that you can seek.

You can create as much as you need for your future website. Pages like about us and info can handle the best guide for your future website without any small. Never neglect them. Furthermore, you have to use them in a unique way in order to bring the top advantages for your future client experience. Static pages that hold information that will not change are over the top.

Track your audience main statistics

Analytics is the masterpiece of each platform. You will have a steady power to master the way, which you influence your audience if you know all about them. The platform can handle you the best practices to find out all the statistics related to the customers that spend a lot of time in your website, the look like a tool is also another concept that is revolutionizing the marketing area, it stands for offering the client what he or she is really wanting to purchase. This is based on many AI technologies embedded in the platform. According to the specific interests, which the customer acquire, the system can respond with the most targeted campaigns. This fact can make your conversion rate increase in an insane way.

In addition to that, you will have the ability to add bulk users. Like that, you can use a massive amount of external emails and people information in order to let them experience the quality service and products that you want them to take advantage of.

Pipeline blueprint

With a simple magic button, you can easily establish a great marketing campaign. With all the needed features like landing pages, sales campaigns, and products launch process. The system is entirely automated.

Custom client forms

You can create a specific form for your investigation tasks. You will be able to rock their needs if you have the right data about what they want. This fact can make you maximize the earning of your business and seek the best outcomes in your future outcomes.

Automatic Webinars

One of the magical factors of Kajabi is that you can run webinar and events inside the platform. All that you have to do is to pre-set an interval time when you want the system to repeat the webinar event. We are talking about a real autopilot system that can organize and manage the event inside your business platform. Accordingly, you can keep your audience engaged with your platform. This fact can alter a huge benefit for your business. Remember the more audience you get the more profit you can gain without any small doubt.


It is one of the most advanced platforms that can handle you the best tools to switch your clicks in the websites into real conversion. In fact, the online marketing platform can handle you many features like Pop-ups, the bars of alerting and the well-shaped landing pages and all the other facilities that can make you boost your professional business benefits.

A steady responsive design for your future business platform

You can easily grow your business according to the main advantages offered by leadpages. You will a responsive design for your marketing features. Like that, you can manage to have a wide audience from different device users. As results, the database of your email list will be expanded in a crazy way. Accordingly, you will be able to boost the range of people that can purchase your products.

An astonishing tool that you can take advantage of is the real quality of content that you can seek. This is thanks to the real-time content checker, like that, you will have the best quality content for your website. Moreover, as we said before, the user experience will be boosted easily.

The simplified analytics are also as perfect as you expect. You will have all the necessary data related to the persons that spend more time within your platform. Moreover, you will have all the detailed data concerning the behavior of your customer on your website.

A/B split tests

The A/B split tests are available with more easiness than ever before. In fact, the system of drag and drop made it as impressive as you can imagine. Any person that has an idea in mind can use page leads for great business perspective achievement.

In fact, the leadpage is among the top drag and drop builders that can give you the top impression for your future marketing strategies. It stands as a great authentic sales funnel solution for your own future campaigns. A power alternative for the expensive tools, however, it can offer you the best control over your visitors and how you can evaluate them according to your business needs.

The fast loading factor is a bright side of the new generation of the page leads too. Your blog, e-shopping platform or online service platform can stand as a great SEO optimized entity for your future projects. You can also enhance your leadbox journey with videos. This is due to the powerful tool of embedded code. Like that, you can spread life and great rust aura on your online business.


To conclude, we can say that funnel sales leaders are everywhere. However, you have to choose the right one according to your budget and what your business really needs. On the other hand, we highly recommend for you to start thinking about your next marketing strategy and start applying it using the previous funnel sales system listed above. They have in fact the same features, although sometimes you find something special about some specific platforms.