About Us

About us

Blackfridaydealss a wonderful portal for discount sale operated and maintained by Mensagam. This will serve as a platform were users can get updated information on real offers that are happening around us. Blackfridaydealss is here to find out the best deals and dealers in the market. Blackfridaydealss is the place where you can see many retailers giving out their best deals, with reviews and ratings from customers can help you identify the best deals at the best stores.

Best deals are dime a dozen- We make sure that you get only the best deals by maintaining a constant communication between the retailers and the customers, and helping customers by providing reviews with user feedback.

Why Blackfridaydealss?

There are lots of E-commerce websites out there providing deals; Blackfridaydealss is aimed at identifying the dealers for the customers. Blackfridaydealss is also the place where dealers can showcase their best deals and get rated by the customers.

How the spark ignited?

We always found out that our employees were attracted towards discounts and offers. There are lots of discounts available everywhere around us. But are they really the “Real Discounts”, in order to provide show everyone what and how real deals were made. We decided that the only deal was “Blackfridaydealss”


Our vision is to create a digital store were people get to know about the different retailers and their deals


To show people the real deals available in the market and prevent them from wasting their money on showy deals.